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Training materials development

A toolbox curriculum for training community-based health care workers working with MSM will be developed. The curriculum will contribute directly towards the learning outcomes, with a set of core and specialist modules which relate to each outcome. Core modules will cover essential areas of CHW’s roles, while the specialist modules will allow development in areas which are deemed pertinent to local and national MSM sexual health needs.

While particular emphasis and tailored content will be determined by the review report and CHW survey, it is anticipated that some of the following topic areas will be covered:

  1. Increase the access to prevention, including testing services for HIV, STIs, viral hepatitis, among MSM
  2. Improve the linkage and retention in care as well as quality of care, including treatment for HIV/AIDS, STI, viral hepatitis infections
  3. Improve the integration of services to ensure patient-centred care, including inpatient and outpatient facilities
  4. Reduce stigma and discrimination due to sexual orientation and of people living with HIV/AIDS in health care settings

The consortium partner responsible for the development and refinement of training materials is the Terrence Higgins Trust.

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