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Training materials development

A toolbox curriculum of training modules for training CHWs working with MSM has been developed. A ‘basic’ curriculum had been developed that is compulsory on all trainings, alongside three additional curricula to draw from dependent on need derived from a local needs assessment, carried out as part of the training. All curricula contribute directly towards identified learning outcomes, and training is drawn from a set of core and specialist modules which relate to each outcome. Core modules cover the essential areas identified as useful within local CHWs' roles, while the specialist modules allow extra development in areas which are deemed pertinent to local and national MSM sexual health needs.

While particular emphasis and tailored content will be determined by local needs assessments, and fed into by the CHW review report and ECHOES survey, toolbox modules have been developed on the following:
1. Increasing the access to prevention services for MSM, including testing services for HIV, STIs, viral hepatitis
2. Improving the linkage to, and retention in care as well as quality of care, including treatment for HIV/AIDS, STIs and viral hepatitis
3. Investigating and improving the integration of services to ensure patient-centred care, within inpatient and outpatient facilities
4. The reduction of stigma and discrimination around a persons sexual orientation and of people living with HIV/AIDS within health care settings
5. Using cultural competency strategies to help increase access to services
6. Building communication and interpersonal skills to reach vulnerable sub-communities of MSM, including men who do not identify as MSM

The consortium partner responsible for the development and refinement of training materials was the Terrence Higgins Trust.

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