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Country Piloting of Training Modules

Between May and October 2018, National Pilot Trainings in more than 20 European countries took place. They were conducted by individuals who have participated in the Training of Trainer workshops, in the local official language.

Each country recruited a maximum of 15 participants for their workshops. The workshops followed the model of the ToT workshops and the selection of general and specific modules was based on the results of a local needs assessment of the priority training needs of local CHW. Based on the training material developed by Work Package 9 and on the specific needs identified in the needs assessment, CHWs in the different countries and environments in all parts of Europe were trained. The trainings were evaluated and formed, together with the results of ECHOES and EMIS2017, the basis for the finalisation of the ESTICOM training material, which will be published in autumn 2019. The pilot training evaluation report is available for download below.

Five of the National Pilot Trainings were financed by ESTICOM, all other trainings were financed by other sources.

The consortium partner responsible for the development and piloting of the Training programme was Deutsche Aidshilfe. For any questions please contact Matthias Kuske (

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