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EMIS-2017 Survey Report

After merging, sorting and cleaning of the MSM survey dataset, an initial descriptive and exploratory data analysis was undertaken to verify data consistency and to identify differences and similarities between countries and language groupings.

A full data analysis plan was developed as well as proposals for thematic priority areas for the survey report structure and a variable manual. The analysis and definition for priority areas took into account the MSM review findings of the current situation with regard to MSM including exposure to HIV prevention interventions.

An expert workshop was held in Berlin in April 2018 to present and discuss initial analyses of the MSM survey findings. The workshop provided further input by experts on report structure and priority areas for data analysis. A draft EMIS-2017 report was prepared until early November 2018 and submitted for peer review. Based on the recommendations and discussions during the peer review meeting in January 2019, the EMIS-2017 report was revised and finalized, and is available for download below.

The consortium partner responsible for the survey report was Sigma Research at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The expert workshop in Berlin was jointly prepared and organised by Sigma Research, CEEISCAT and the Robert Koch Institute.