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Survey Questionnaire

The 33 language versions of the EMIS 2017 questionnaire are available for download below (listed in alphabetical order). EMIS 2017 was only available online. The questionnaire appeared differently depending on the device used for survey completion (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, etc.). As all 33 language versions need to have exactly the same structure, the English master version was copied 32 times, only then the translation process started. The PDFs below are a copy of the translator screen after translation and proof-reading, and contain all possible questions as well as routing information. The PDFs do not reflect what respondents saw on their screen. For example, questions starting with “$$” did not appear to the the respondent, and text in “[rectangular brackets]” was not visible. These PDFs are rather an automated text output for e.g. proof-reading purposes. Better non-English versions of the EMIS 2017 questionnaire do not exist and will not be produced.

EMIS 2017 Questionnaires