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EMIS 2017 Survey Questionnaire Development

We think EMIS 2010 was too long. Of the men who started it, 28% dropped out before the end and we lost all of their data. We want EMIS 2017 to be shorter but it also needs to include some new questions.

Members of the ESTICOM-associated network of researchers, public health officials, community representatives and activists in all EU countries and beyond were asked to help us decide what to cut and what to add. A first round of consultation went out to 318 members of the ESTICOM-associated network between November and December 2016. Overall, more than 50 agencies from 21 European countries responded, plus pan-European agencies and US agencies (survey improvement only). A second round of consultation was carried out in March and April 2017, with 40 responses received from 19 countries, representing 37 organisations. Online pre-testing and piloting is currently underway, with the aim of finalizing the English version of the EMIS 2017 questionnaire by July 2017. The questionnaire will then be translated into 24 European languages before the planned launch of the survey in September 2017. The consortium partner responsible for the survey questionnaire is Sigma Research at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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