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About EMIS 2017

EMIS 2017 will be an online survey similar to the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) which occurred in 2010 (link to

The overall aim of the MSM survey is to generate data useful for the planning of HIV and STI prevention and care programmes and the monitoring of national progress in this area, by describing the level and distribution of HIV transmission risk and precautionary behaviours, related HIV prevention needs, and by assessing the coverage of interventions. Sigma Research (London) and the Robert Koch Institute (Berlin) are leading on the development and execution of this survey.

We would like to stress that:

EMIS 2017 is focussed on sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) among MSM – it is not a generic health and well-being survey.

EMIS 2017 is intended to describe the level and distributions of already known health outcomes, risk and precaution behaviours, prevention needs and prevention interventions among MSM. It is not attempting to test theories about the validity of or relationship between these variables.

At a country level, EMIS 2017 will generate data for understanding the needs of populations and directing prevention programmes. At the international level, patterns of policy, service and cultural responses can be examined for their impact on epidemic spread and containment, providing knowledge beyond the grasp of any one country.