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Update: The ECHOES survey is now LIVE - we invite Community Health Workers who provide sexual health and support services for MSM in the EU and neighbouring countries to participate NOW (open until 31st January 2018)! Please visit!

Anyone who provides sexual health support to MSM in community settings (i.e. not in a hospital or a clinic) can participate in ECHOES – whether you are a medically trained professional, a counsellor or a lay-person, whether the work is done on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis, and whether the work is done on a paid or voluntary basis. We wish to include a wide range of individuals working in the health sector but also in other sectors (e.g. education), who provide support at ‘MSM-friendly’ locations (e.g. gay bar, club, sauna), but also within the general population (e.g. at a town hall, community centre, social club, or via street outreach), when this work includes MSM and elements of sexual health as part of the target group.

We define sexual health support services as including specific activities relating to HIV, viral hepatitis, and other STIs (e.g. HIV/STI prevention activities and counselling, community based testing activities) as well other more general support services which may affect sexual health (e.g. activism, drug, alcohol or mental health services, education, support to people living with HIV, etc).

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