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Community Health Worker review

A review of evidence on Community Health Workers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices about the sexual health of MSM, including behaviour and lifestyle factors, HIV/AIDS, STI, and the viral hepatitis situation has been conducted to inform the development of a questionnaire for an CHW online survey.

The review will include

  • A review of existing surveys and questionnaires addressing CHW knowledge, attitudes and practices on health needs of MSM. The review will analyse potential gaps of existing CHW training programmes, tools and guides, that cover issues related to access and improvement of quality of prevention, counselling, testing and health services for MSM.
  • An assessment of the capabilities of CHW to perform counselling, promote testing, promote risk reduction strategies and foster adherence to treatment for HIV/AIDS and associated infections. The review will identify good practice examples and analysis of potentials barriers faced by MSM when accessing health services.
  • A review of the existing community based health workers training programmes, tools, and guides, to prepare for them in service delivery, and ensure they have the necessary skills to provide quality services.
  • Recommendations on potential countries where CHW training could be useful by proposing an EU framework for collaboration on training and exchange of good practise.

The review has been finalized in early March 2017 and has been submitted for approval by the contractor (Chafea). As soon as the review has been approved, it will be available for download here.

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