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Project Meetings

The consortium has regular scheduled meetings (one per year) with the contractor (CHAFEA) and the ESTICOM Advisory Board. There are also regular internal meetings among the project partners as required. During the lifetime of the project, two larger meetings with external experts and stakeholders are planned:

  1. 26 & 27 April 2018 - a joint two-day Expert Workshop was held in Berlin to discuss initial results from the EMIS-2017 and ECHOES surveys. Approximately 80 people attended. For questions please contact
  2. 19 June 2019 - a one day Dissemination Workshop was held in Luxembourg. Results from EMIS 2017 and ECHOES surveys, and findings from the implementation of the training programme were shared and discussed with ESTICOM network partners, policy makers, public health agencies, academia and community-based organisations. Presentations ESTICOM Dissemination Meeting (PDF, 20MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.) and Programme ESTICOM Dissemination Meeting (PDF, 92KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)